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ST3120022A   ST3120022A

HD 120GB UIDE 3LP 1in 7200RPM, ST3120022A UDMA-100

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model: ST3120022A

Seagate Barracuda ST3120022A 120GB 7200rpm Ultra ATA-100 Hard Drive

          Key Features
  • 120.9GB, 7200 RPM

  • Uses an Ultra ATA-100 interface

  • Average Latency of 4.16 ms

  • Buffer Size of 2 MB


Capacity 120.9 GB
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
Actuator Type Voice Coil
Physical Heads 3
Discs (3.5 inch) 2
Media Type Thin film
Head Type GMR

Recording Method


Internal Transfer Rate Up to 85.4 Mbytes/sec
Internal Sustained Rate Up to 58 MB/sec
External Transfer Rate Up to 100 Mbytes/sec
PIO/DMA/UDMA mode max 4/2/5
Average Latency 4.16 ms


2 MB

Interface Ultra ATA-100
Sectors per Drive 234,441,648
TPI 94,600
BPI Up to 595,000
Average Access (seek/read/write) 8.5/8.5/9.5 ms
Single Track Seek (seek/read/write) 1.0/1.2 ms
Max Full Seek (seek/read/write) //


600,000 power on hours

Operating Shock Read: 63G/11ms Write: 63G/2ms
Non-operating Shock Read: 350G/11ms Write: 350G/2ms
Acoustics (fluid bearing) Typ: 2.5; Max-quiet: 3.0; Max-perf: 3.7 bels
Power Requirements +12V start up, 2.8 amps
Active 12.5 Watts
Idle 7.5Watts
Standby (typ/max) 0.7



1.028 inches (26.04 mm)

Width 4.00 inches (101.6 mm)
Depth 5.78 inches (147.0 mm)
Weight 1.4 lb (635 g)


On drives greater than 33.8GB, Limit Capacity jumper changes total
available sectors as reported via Identify Drive data words 60-61 to
33.8GB to solve issues with certain BIOS during power on. The ATA
Read Native Max command will report true full capacity. The ATA 
Set Max command will restore true full capacity to the operating
system drivers. Third party partitioning software may be needed to 
achieve full capacity when using this option jumper. 

Set CMOS hard drive setup to Auto-Detect with LBA mode enabled. 


Some systems BIOS have capacity limitations. Types that have 
been identified are:

a 2.11GB or 4095 cylinder limitation 
a 3.26GB or 6322 cylinder limitation 
a 4.22GB or 8192 cylinder limitation
a 8.45GB Standard INT13 limitation (CHS[1024x256x63]x512)
a 33.8GB or 66,060,287 LBAs limitation
a 137.4GB or 268,435,455 LBAs limitation (28-bit limit)

and, if exceeded, may cause the system to hang during boot, 
capacity reduction or it can truncate or wrap the cylinders when 
auto-detect options set in the CMOS. 

New INT13 Extensions and LBA mode in BIOS and FAT32 or NTFS-based 
file systems are required to achieve full capacity. FAT32 file 
system can create single partitions and logical drives up to 2TB.

FULL-CAPACITY solutions include third-party drive preparation
software, system BIOS update which supports LBA mode or third
party bios driven host adapters.

Default CHS translation:
16,383 cyl, 16 heads, 63 sectors = 8,455,200,780


Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 with 
48-bit LBA Address drivers are required for native support of
ATA (IDE) disc drives greater than 137GB.

Windows 98, Windows Millennium and Windows NT 4.x all have 137GB 
native limitations supporting ATA (IDE) disc drives. Third-party
device drivers may be available from motherboard or host adapter
manufacturers for these legacy Windows operating systems.

Windows 95 FAT16 based operating systems are also limited to 8.4GB.

DOS 16-bit FAT file system cannot access more than 2.147 Gbytes per