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HD 181GB FC 3HH ST1181677FCV 1.6-IN HIGH Fiber Channel

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model: ST1181677FCV_O

Seagate ST1181677FCV Barracuda 180 7200 rpm 181GB Fibre Channel Drive: LSI Logic OEM in IBM Tray Drive P/N: 32P0775

          Key Features
  • The Barracuda 180—the largest-capacity disc drive in the world—provides users with the lowest cost-per-gigabyte enterprise drive in today's market. The Barracuda 180 is perfect for all bulk storage and audio/visual applications
  • 181.6 GB, 7200 rpm
  • 40-pin SCA interface
  • Average Seek Time 7.4 ms
  • Buffer size of 16MB


Capacity 181.6 GB
Interface 40-pin SCA
Internal Transfer Rate (min) 282 Mbits/sec
Internal Transfer Rate (max) 508 Mbits/sec
Formatted Internal Transfer Rate (min) 25.3 Mbytes/sec
Formatted Internal Transfer Rate (max) 47 Mbytes/sec
External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max) 200 Mbytes/sec
Average Formatted Transfer Rate 36.1 Mbytes/sec
Average Seek Time (read) 7.4 ms (typical)
Average Seek Time (write) 8.2 ms (typical)
Track-to-track Seek (read) 0.8 ms (typical)
Track-to-track Seek (write) 1.1 ms (typical)
Full Disc Seek (read) 16 ms (typical)
Full Disc Seek (write) 17 ms (typical)
Average Latency 4.17 ms
Default Buffer Size 16,384 Kbytes
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm
Spinup Time 30 sec
Power-on to Ready Time 30 sec


Physical Discs 12
Physical Heads 24
Total Cylinders 24,247
Total Tracks 581,928
Bytes per Sector 512
Areal Density 15,655 Mbits/square inch
Track Density 31,200 tracks/inch
Recording Density 501,760 bits/inch (max)
Sectors/Track 793 (average)
Bytes/Track 406,071 (average)
Recording Method EPR4

Electrical Requirements

Typical Current (12 VDC +/-5%) 0.84 amps
Startup Current (12 VDC +/-5%) 0.89 amps
Typical Current (5 VDC +/-5%) 0.86 amps
Startup Current (5 VDC +/-5%) 0.89 amps
Idle Power 10.5 Watts (typical)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Shock 10G, 11ms
Non-operating Shock 150G, 2ms
Operating Vibration 0.5G
Non-operating Vibration 2G
Operating Temperature 5 to 50° C
Non-operating Temperature -40 to 70° C
Operating Temperature Change 20° C/hour
Non-operating Temperature Change 20° C/hour
Operating Humidity 95%
Non-operating Humidity 95%
Operating Humidity Change 10% per hour
Operating Wet Bulb Temperature 28° C
Operating Altitude -305 to 3048 m
Non-operating Altitude -305 to 12210
Acoustics (Idle) 3.7 bels


MTBF 1,200,000 hours
Recoverable Read Errors 10 per 1012 bits read
Non-recoverable Read Errors 1 per 1015 bits read
Seek Errors 10 per 108 bits read
Supports S.M.A.R.T. yes

Technical Specifications

Model Number ST1181677FCV
Model Name Barracuda 180
Form Factor (width) 3.5-inch
Form Factor (height) half-height

Physical Specifications

Height 40.64 mm
Width 101.6 mm
Length 146.05 mm
Weight 1.043 kg