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You are visiting a company with 20 years of commitment in this business.  You will receive a service from a dedicated group of employees and a facility which is ISO 9000 certified, larger than 120,000 square feet, more than 100,000 items in stock at all time. Your cost, demand for service and quality will not be compromised.  

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Company History
Bason Computer Inc. was founded in 1985, started as supplier for hard drive controllers.  The company quickly grew into one of the largest suppliers of MFM, and RLL controllers by 1991. Staying in the forefront of the technology, Bason Computer Inc. quickly evolved into system manufacturing soon thereafter.

Starting from 1999, Bason realized that e-Commerce is inevitable. All marketing costs  will be minimized so that savings are passed to our customers. Bason decided to develop the tools and the products necessary to service the high-demanding end-users.

Shop with us, because...

You have come to this page because we are referred to by many websites who know that we provide the most valuable and complete information of any product you are looking for. All of our information is for the public. We check our prices daily, internationally, as well as online and off to make sure you receive the product with the most value. In addition to comparing prices, we also compare the condition of the product being sold, the quality of the service and credibility of the vendor, and the availability of the product. We have been in this business for 20 years, and service you from a > 110,000 square feet, ISO 9000-2001 facility. This long-term commitment to the industry and our creditability guarantees our service and products

With a convenient shopping cartlowest prices, Bason distributes Notebooks, Computer Servers, USB, Firewire devices, manufactured by IBM, Seagate, Toshiba, NEC, etc. Bason maintains manufacturing capabilities on the external devices, Disk Arrays, Firewire, USB etc. 

Bason's unbeatable reputation among end users can be verified with every rating services, for example, eBay,, etc.

Our Principles...
Bason Computer Inc. observes three basic principles to assure the company continues to thrive through the tough competition and remain a privately held and funded operation.
  • Quality of the product is always a top priority.  All products are provided with clear descriptions and specification, and the delivery always meets these specifications.
  • Bason Computer Inc. will always remain competitive.  We believe our customer benefits from timely delivery and the very best price to be found.  We know the nature of falling prices of computer products and we always make sure our customer has the price advantages.
  • Bason Computer Inc. provides the best and comprehensive warranty service in the industry.


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